Thursday, 15 March 2012

Streetbank - a great idea to reduce your carbon footprint

Find out what your neighbours would like to share or give you. Streetbank is already helping thousands of people in the UK share goods and skills with their local community, from tools and camping gear, to pet sitting and IT support. Watch the video below to get a good idea of how it works:

Communities that help each other are closer, nicer, and friendlier to live in. Streetbank can help make your neighbourhood a nicer place. The aim is to get people involved in their community, to foster altruism, a generosity of spirit and volunteerism. It is to help local needs to be met by local solutions, reducing poverty by building community.

It also makes sense environmentally. It helps people to reuse things, and for things that are under-used to be used more, and that all helps to reduce consumption.

It also makes sense economically. If there are 100 houses on your road and each of them uses a ladder maybe once a year to clean the guttering, they probably don’t all need their own ladder. One ladder shared between everyone should be enough.

Joining Streetbank is dead easy so why not sign up and get sharing!