Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Keep Britain Tidy backs new Love Your River campaign

Keep Britain Tidy is delighted to be backing the new national Love Your River campaign, which has been launched to encourage the nation to make small lifestyle changes to protect the health of the rivers.
The campaign is backed by Defra, the National Trust, the Environment Agency, the Wildlife Trusts, Keep Britain Tidy, water companies and Waterwise, and will promote the value and benefits of rivers to everyday life.
We all love our rivers. But how often do people think about how the water they use in their homes or businesses affects the water in their local river? Or how the pollutants they dump down their drains harms their local water environment? Or how there is likely to be less water available for people and businesses in the future and the knock-on effect this will have on the natural world around the river?
Commenting on Keep Britain Tidy’s support for the Love Your River campaign, community development manager Richard McIlwain, said: “We all have a stake in making sure our rivers are clean and healthy – for the sake of our environment, our health and our wildlife. We should all cherish our rivers, look after them and want the best for them – and that’s something we can all do every day.
“Keep Britain Tidy already runs the successful RiverCare programme - encouraging local people to 'adopt' their local river and lead on cleaning it up, improving habitat and most importantly - having fun! Through our work on RiverCare we'll directly support the Love Your River campaign and help deliver its key messages to a wide audience, raising public awareness of the link between river health and water use, so that people understand and value water and take action to improve their local rivers and the environment around them.
Specifically, the new campaign aims to raise awareness of the following issues and encourage people to make small changes in their everyday lives that will really benefit their local rivers:
Clean and healthy rivers and waterways benefit us all. They are good for our wellbeing, our wildlife, and our local environment.
Using water wisely in our homes and businesses can save us money while helping to protect our local rivers. Using less hot water can also save on energy bills.
Even small actions such as taking shorter showers and increasing our use of water butts can make a big difference if we all play our part.
As well as using water wisely, there are things we can all do to look after our local rivers such as volunteering on a local ‘clean up’ activity.
Dumping pollutants down drains harms your local water environment.
It is important that we respect our rivers, and that communities are alert to and prepared for the risk of flooding.